Bridging the gap between law and medicine

Health care providers play a crucial role in validating and treating traumatic injury claims resulting from motor vehicle accidents and other negligent circumstances. Pathways Injury Consultants helps physicians, other providers and attorneys obtain better outcomes and results for their patients and clients.

Today, most medical-legal disputes end in settlements driven by expert review and opinion. We have developed the tools, programs, products, and methods that help medical professionals and attorneys master effective personal injury case management. Whether a case is in pre-litigation or litigation, Pathways can provide thorough record reviews, clinical recommendation, dynamic case analysis, cutting-edge protocols, and clinical consultation.

Our services
  • Patient navigation
  • Objective case analysis and independent exams
  • Narrative reports, consults, and expert testimony
  • Clinical document review and gap analysis
Our clients
  • Physicians and Specialists
  • Healthcare Facilities and Surgical Centers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys

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