Covid-19 Testing & Training Capabilities

The Vanguard Healthcare Solutions portfolio of companies are at the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus. We offer comprehensive Covid-19 testing solutions through Renuvix Labs and complete essential worker safety and compliance training through ProPath Training.

Renuvix Covid-19 Enterprise Testing Solutions

Renuvix Labs, a Vanguard Healthcare Solutions company,  is at the forefront of nationwide Covid-19 testing solutions. Renuvix labs has helped State and municipal entities, healthcare systems, service provider, occupational health organizations, and payer networks expedite turnaround times, improve supply chain logistics and increased Covid-19 testing capacity.

For more information on how Vanguard and Renuvix can help your organization at scale, please contact:

Jason Hufham
EVP Sales & Marketing
(205) 382-4467

ProPath Covid-19 Training Solutions

COVID-19 Back-to-Work Safety & Awareness Training

As America returns to work, employers must take the necessary and proactive precautions to keep their workplace safe. A critical first step is robust employee education and training to share timely and relevant safety information about COVID-19. As a healthcare provider and diagnostic laboratory on the global pandemic’s frontlines, Vanguard Healthcare Solutions and its subsidiary Propath Training is uniquely positioned to provide safety and awareness guidance. To support public health, Vanguard has designed a comprehensive interactive six-part training program based on the most current CDC, FDA, OSHA, EPA, and WHO information and targeted for specific industry verticals: restaurant & hospitality, retail, industrial, manufacturing & transportation, and general corporate environments.

For more information on how Vanguard and ProPath Training can help train your organization, please contact:

Richard Delgado
COO & Managing Partner
(469) 955-3570